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Training Videos

There are many training videos available in each section of your Hilltop-Mail account which will be relevant to that particular section you are working in.

You can also click on the links below to view some of our latest training clips to learn about new features or have a refresher on how to use the system. Our training sessions and videos are constantly updated so, there is always something new for you to learn.

YouTube Channel for more training videos: EmailTutorials

We also have regular free online Webinar e-Messaging Training sessions which you can book from the following link: Email Marketing Training Webinar schedules

Navigating the System

A 3 min overview of how to work your way around the system Dashboard using the different menus, tabs, table settings and more.

List Overview

A look at creating, navigating and editing your contact lists or databases.

List Fields

Learn about the different types of List fields and how to use them to collect information about your contacts, refer to the List video to learn how to create databases beforehand.

Contact Overview

This will give you an overview of how to manage your contact Lists.

Upload contacts

The first part of the managing contacts videos. Get started by uploading contacts to your databases.

Edit contacts

This tutorial is designed to help you search and edit specific contacts in your Lists.

SpreadSheet View

Spreadsheet View is a huge time saver when managing your database as it allows you to easily edit multiple contacts on the same screen (similar to how you would in Excel).


Drag and Drop Components

A beginners lesson on how the Drag and Drop Components works, where you can find system tools and how to use drag and drop wizard to create an email.

Other Design Settings

View some other design option that can be changed in the settings menus.

Images Overview

Learn about the different ways to display images including changing your message banner.

Using Webforms

The basics of creating and editing webforms. Learn how to embed and link them on webpages and in messges.

Creating your Email

Learn how to create your first campaign using the inbuilt template wizard


Monitor and analyse your email sends. Check your open rates, bounces and click through rates. Use these tools to make your email campaigns better and connect with a wider audience.

Social Updating, Sharing and Activity

Learn how to update your social networks (twitter, facebook and Linkedin), add like, share and retweet links into your email, and track your social impact.


SMS Overview*

This will take you through what's involved with creating an SMS:

* You need to request that this feature be enabled for your account via the contact form.