Email Marketing Australia


Advanced Automation Campaign Module

Hillop-Mail features a series of Add-ons that enable the more advanced marketer to produce outstanding email marketing campaigns.

  • Increase efficiency and effectivenes by making use of automated intelligence, more sophisticated and effective campaigns.
  • Increase opportunities and revenue by providing a more thorough and structured campaign. This will ultimately generate more revenue for your business.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction by using your data intelligently to reach your customers.

Integrated Campaigns
Work Campaigns into your sales process. For example if a customer record is updated to change status, the system may trigger an appropriate communication flow.

Multi channel Campaigns
Trigger email and SMS campaigns based on any time or action you specify.

Create process flows
Establish process flows, for example, if the previous email is opened then the next mail is automatically sent.

The campaigns module is available for a monthly fee of $50.

For more information about the cost of Hillop-Mail's Add-ons, please visit the Pricing Page.